Existing Allotment Provision

The Council currently looks after two allotment sites both within the Robert Ashton Memorial park.  One site overlooks Mill Bank Road and Meltham Mills and the other is situated on Huddersfield Road.  We currently have 24 allotment holders sharing the two sites and a lengthy waiting list of 30 plus people!  If you want to be added to this list then please contact the Clerk with your details, (you need to live within the Parish).

Proposed New Allotment Site

Over the past few months, the Council has been in negotiation with St Bartholomew’s Church over a piece of land which could be used for allotments.  The area of land in question is off Calmlands Road and by Heather Avenue, directly in front of the cemetery. 

As part of the negotiations, the church made several conditions about how the land will need to be altered which includes things such as effective screening of the cemetery, installation of a vehicular and pedestrian access and extension of the water supply into the site.  As you can imagine, all of the aforementioned works as well as the initial ground works incur a substantial cost.  Although the Council fully wished to support implementation of a new allotment site it needed to be sure that demand still exists and also asked whether the potential allotment holders wanted to form a ‘self managed’ site - they did and the Calmlands Allotment Association was formed - for their website click here


The Council held a public meeting 5 July 2010 at 6pmin the Council Chamber.

The meeting was very well attended with 23 members of public and ten members of Council.

A presentation was given on the present allotment provision and the proposed land at Calmlands.  Tony Heeson, Yorkshire representative from the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd (NSALG) provided details about running a self-managed site.  After discussion and by a show of hands it was decided that the site should be self managed and six people expressed an interest in forming the committee.  The Committee will now meet on site on Wednesday 14 July at 6pm.

Allotment Committee and Clerk to meet at Calmlands Road on Wednesday 14 July at 6pm.

A site meeting was held to assess the work required.  The Committee agreed a constitution and then elected a Secretary - Ian Dorrington and a Treasurer - Pete Williams.

It was agreed that quotations for the necessary work would be sought and investigation into the water supply would be undertaken.  The Clerk to the Council would clarify the position regarding access tracks and greenhouses / sheds with Kirklees Planning Services and would report back to the Committee.

29 July 2010 A letter was hand delivered to all residents who live in a house which backs on to the proposed site explaining the up to date situation.  All replies that have been received have been responded to and information forwarded to the Secretary of the Association so that the Committee are aware of the local residents concerns.
22 November 2010

A grant application for the initial ground works was approved in total at the Council's meeting.The go-ahead has been given to a local contractor to start work on the field.  Hopefully the allotments should be up and running by spring and the people on the Allotment Waiting list should be hearing from the Association in mid spring!

The new Secretary is Andrew Charlesworth.

February 2011 The work has been completed on the site and Andrew will be in touch with the people on the allotment waiting list within the next couple of weeks to offer them a plot!

28 February 2011

Council Chamber 7pm

A public meeting was held so that local residents could discuss their concerns with the Allotment Association.  Representatives and Councillors were at the meeting to answer questions raised.

To view the minutes of the meeting please email the Clerk.

Weekend 12/13 March 2011 Allotment Plots allocated to the first batch of people on the waiting list.
Saturday 19 March 2011 Church of the Latter Day Saints helped clear the road side of Calmlands Road going up past the cemetry so that cars could be parked and  are not near to local residents houses.

Further information of allotments can be found at The National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Limited:

Kirklees Council also have allotments and you can find out further details at