Statement of Persons Nominated for Meltham Town Council Election in May 2015

Do you want to make a difference in your local community? 

The why not become a parish councillor?


By becoming a parish or town Councillor you can:

-  Take an interest in issues that affect your area

-  Represent the views of members of your local village or community

-  Have an impact on decisions that affect the lives of those around you, for example you can comment on local planning applications or give your support to community groups in the area.

-  Have a say on how money is spent to benefit your community and local area.

Being a parish or town councillor isn't a full time job.  It's possible to represent your local community whilst still being in employment elsewhere.  The likelihood is that you will need to attend a meeting no more than once a week and these are usually held in the evening.

Parish and town councillors represent on average less than 1000 residents and so they are able to reflects the views of their community easily.

Working as a parish or town councillor is done on a voluntary basis  There is no salary involved but the benefits are that you get the chance to influence decisions taken to improve services for your local area.

Local councils value the wide range of skills their members bring to the running of the council.

You don't need to be politically motivated to be on a parish or town council your area.  You can stand as an independent councillor if you like, although you may also approach one of the political parties to stand on their behalf if you wish to do so.

How do I find out more about being a local councillor?

If you're interested in obtaining more information about how your local parish or town council works, why not have a look around this website to see what the Council does.  You can find out about the dates and times of meetings where you can attend and see what goes on and maybe speak to your local councillors to find out just what is involved.

When does all this happen?

Elections to the Parish and Town Councils take place every four years and the next one will take place in

May 2015.

Nomination packs, giving further information about standing for election, will be available from Electoral Services from mid February 2015 - see contact details below:

For further information about elections and the nomination process please contact:

Electoral Services

Kirklees Council,

3 - 5 Albion Street,




Tel: 01484 221650


Email: electoral.registration@kirklees.gov.uk