Council Meeting - 3 October 2016





Present:           Clr Maxfield (Chair), Clr Bampton, Clr Holroyd-Doveton, Clr Lyons, Clr Murgatroyd, Clr Noon,

Clr White and Clr Wrathall.


PUBLIC SESSION:  There were two members of public in attendance.  A report is held in the Public File.


NOTE:              This meeting was the first meeting to be held in the Carlile Institute, first floor meeting room following refurbishment.



Taken as read.



Apologies were accepted from Clr Buchanan, Clr Brook, Clr Butterfield and Clr Haigh.



Clr Murgatroyd declared an interest in agenda item no. 8 Grants – Meltham Parish Church Hall Committee in that she is a member of this Committee.  She would leave the room while the decision was being made.  No other declarations were made.



As the agenda.


Note.  Due to the members of public present, it was agreed that Agenda Item No. 17 Robert Ashton Memorial Park should be brought forward.



Outdoor gym

Members discussed the possibility of installing outdoor gym equipment in the Robert Ashton Memorial Park.  A discussion took place over the health and safety concerns which such equipment might generate but most members felt that these concerns were unfounded and the numerous venues with such equipment was testament to this.  Members discussed the wide variety of equipment and commented that it was important to select the correct type of items and ensure that they were robust and vandal-proof.  There was further discussion about where to place the equipment, i.e. whether it was a good idea to place equipment for adults and older children next to the existing toddler and young children’s play area.  Some members also questioned whether it would be best to place the equipment away from the park and mentioned locations such as the Greenway, the Broadlands Recreation Ground or similar to the Blue Plaque Trail, i.e. a Trim Trail.  After further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     To form an interest group to include members of the Council and the local resident present who commented on the issue in the Public Session and to bring more information back to a future Council Meeting.


Damaged tree

The Clerk circulated an e-mail from a neighbour to the park detailing recent storm damage to a tree in the allotments where a branch was hanging onto their garage roof.  The Clerk advised that the tree had previously been pruned some time ago and this had been arranged and paid for by the Town Council.  The Clerk had contacted the tree surgeons for their advice and a price to carry out works to the tree and this would be brought back to the next Finance Committee Meeting.



An e-mail from a local resident was circulated before and with the agenda for the meeting detailing a resident’s concerns that the suspended deliveries seemed to be going on indefinitely.  Clr Noon advised that the deliveries had resumed to the Golcar Brown Road and Sefton area but the Nab Crescent and Copley Avenue were still affected.  Members advised that the Post Office had written to 18 dog owners in the affected area seeking reassurances but had only received a reply from one or two owners.  As such, the Post Office would not re-start deliveries until reassurances were received.  Members felt that the Town Council could not intervene with this dispute and it should be left to the Police, the Post Office and the residents to resolve the matter.


16/53     MINUTES

It was proposed by Clr White and seconded by Clr Noon and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Council meeting held on the 25 July 2016 be approved.        



It was proposed by Clr Noon and seconded by Clr Maxfield and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Planning Environmental and General Purposes Committee held on the 8 August 2016 be approved.


It was proposed by Clr Noon and seconded by Clr White and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Planning Environmental and General Purposes Committee held on the 5 September 2016 be approved.


It was proposed by Clr White and seconded by Clr Noon and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Properties, Administration and Finance Committee held on the 12 September 2016 be approved.


Clr Lyons required clarification over the Agenda Item in the above minutes relating to re-filling Dog Waste Bins and members confirmed that the minute correctly recorded the action agreed at the meeting and no changes were required.


Clr Wrathall queried the decision made by the members of the Finance Committee in her absence in that they had decided not the re-install the Mercury statue in the park due to the threat of metal theft but no other suggestions had been made.  Discussion took place over what could be done and it was agreed that the Clerk should write to Meltham Carlile CIC to ask if they wished to house the statue in the newly refurbished building and where would they like to position it.


16/55     GRANTS

An update of the grant awards for 2016/2017 was circulated with the agenda – the information was noted by all.


NOTE.  Clr Murgatroyd leaves the meeting.


The grant applications and associated documents were enclosed with the agenda.  The following applications were discussed.


Meltham Parish Church Hall Committee

Members discussed the application and it was noted that the organisation was applying for £1,000 and only contributing £200 towards the costs.  In light of the recently agreed grant criteria and previous funding given to the Church it was


RESOLVED:     To award 50% of the cost of a new dishwasher and installation up to a maximum amount of £600.00 – payment to be issued on productions of invoices.


NOTE.  Clr Murgatroyd returns to the meeting.


Helme Church

Members discussed the application and it was noted that the church was used by the wider community and school and not just the congregation.  Members also expressed the historic relevance to the community and the fact that without this small necessary repair, much serious repairs would be needed in due course.  It was noted that the church was contributing £600 towards the project.and so it was


RESOLVED:     To award £2,200 to Helme Church for the repair of the spire shingles.  Payment to be made on production of the invoices for the work that has been carried out.


Meltham Moor School

Members discussed the application and it was noted that the school hadn’t applied for funding from elsewhere when the Town Council had been successful in receiving funding from the British Heart Foundation.  It was


RESOLVED:     To advise the school that the Town Council supports the application in principle but they should seek out other funding sources and if they were unsuccessful then they should come back to the Town Council.


Over 70s Christmas Gift

A discussion took place over whether to continue with the Christmas Tradition of giving £2.50 to all residents who were 70 and over in the first week of December.  Some members felt that was an outdated act and that money would be better spent in giving a lump sum to a community organisation to provide a Christmas Treat or event for the elderly people of the village.  Some members felt that this was a very worthwhile tradition which many elderly people enjoyed and held in high regard.  Some members felt that the amount of £2.50 should be increased while others felt that the money was not the important part of the act; it was the meeting up and taking part in the tradition.  After further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     To continue with the Over 70s Christmas Gift of £2.50 to all residents 70 and over to be held in the Carlile Institute on Tuesday 6 December 2016 between 10.00am and 4.00pm and for coffee, tea and mince pies to be served. 


Carols in the Park

A letter had been received asking for permission to use the Robert Ashton Memorial Park for the annual Carols in the Park event on Sunday 4 December 2016 at 4pm.  It was noted that the usual grant application for £350.00 towards the event was also enclosed with the letter.  Although this was not listed on the agenda due to the timing of the letter, it was agreed in principal that the grant should be made and this would be confirmed formally at the next Council Meeting.



A copy of the Annual Return detailing the external auditor’s comments was circulated with the agenda and it was noted that Notice of Conclusion of Audit has been posted on the Notice Board and Website on 14/09/16.


RESOLVED:     It was noted that the Audit Process had been completed for the year 2015/2016.



The next issue of Meltham Mercury was due to be issued in mid-November.  The following articles and authors were agreed:

- Town Mayor’s address – Clr Maxfield

- Carlile Institute update – Clr White

- Blue Plaque trail – Clr Noon

- Clr Maxfield – Dog waste bags update

- Christmas dates and events – Clr Murgatroyd

- Out door gym – do you want one?  Clerk

All articles are required by week commencing 24/10/16 for printing early November and delivery by Royal Mail mid November 2016 – Clerk to arrange.



Responses to the Town Council’s enquiry about taking on the lease for Hey Doorstep Green and in particular, reference to the restrictive covenants was circulated with the agenda – these responses were from National Association of Local Councils, (NALC) and Kirklees Legal Services Department.  The Clerk also read out an e-mail from the Kirklees Officer dealing with the case who was preparing a briefing note of various options open to the Town Council and enquired as to the exact nature of the proposed development on the land in order to generate some income – the Councillors advised that this was residential housing.  Members discussed the responses and it was the general feeling that the Town Council could not afford to take on the area without having an income to be able to look after it.  Members felt that the area was the current responsibility of Kirklees and they should maintain and insure it, (it was noted by all that the wild area had been recently mowed and the land was insured by someone other than Kirklees and it was presumed that these things were being paid for by a previous director of Meltham Environment).  After further discussion it was agreed that the best and most expedient way forward would be to meet face to face with Kirklees Officers and so it was


RESOLVED:     Clrs Lyons, Maxfield, Noon and White would arrange to meet with the Kirklees officer to discuss the way forward.  The Clerk to arrange to meeting.


It was also noted that the equipment to mow the area had been obtained and Clr Noon would chase the local resident with regard to taking up their offer to help tidy the site.



The Clerk advised that she was having difficulty obtaining confirmation from the owner of the building where the Council wanted to install a defibrillator and she was to continue to chase them for a reply.  It was


RESOLVED:     that the Clerk should continue to chase them and if no reply was forthcoming, the defibrillator should be installed on the Carlile Institute.  Mr Mellor should be kept up to date with the situation.


The Clerk also advised that the training materials had arrived and a date should be agreed for the first session in the hope that members of Council could then provide the training to local community organisations and groups.


RESOLVED:     Clr Maxfield would advise of available dates for the Nurse Practitioner to offer the training.



A response from Kirklees to the recent enquiry about measures to combat speeding traffic down Huddersfield Road was circulated with the agenda.  Kirklees advised although there had been two accidents on Huddersfield Road neither were attributed to speed and they were also near the village centre as opposed to further down by Greenacres.  Also, the speed survey on Huddersfield Road showed that the average speed was well below the 30mph limit.  It was agreed that this information should be fed back to the local resident who had attended the last Council Meeting to complain about this. 


Members also questioned the placement of the Speed Indicator Devices and the fact that one had not been allocated to Helme Lane, Meltham.  Clr Maxfield highlighted how unhappy she was with this decision and questioned Clr Holroyd-Doveton as a Ward Councillor about this.  It was


RESOLVED:     that the Clerk should write to all three Ward Councillors to enquire about their decision making process for allocation of SIDs and ask them to re-consider placing one on Helme Lane.



Clr White distributed a very detailed report, (attached to these minutes), to all members of the Council recording the progress of the Carlile Institute Project from the very outset.  Members thanked him for the very useful information and Clr Maxfield paid special thanks to both

Clr Noon and Clr White for their on-going commitment and hard work to the project which had resulted in a marvellous building which was well used. 

Clr Noon paid tribute to the Lottery Fund and explained that as the project developed they were allowed to go back and ask for further funds to complete the project and this had enabled the Carlile Institute to be the well-used and successful community building that Meltham was now fortunate to have.



Clr Noon gave an update on the loan made by Meltham Town Council to the Meltham Carlile CIC and that payments were now back on track. 


New rooms for the Town Council

Clr Noon advised that the room where the present meeting was being held was going to be a multi-purpose room and also house the local history group and its artefacts.  Suggestions for the names for the rooms were being sought and any ideas were welcome. 

The Clerk advised that BT were arranging to transfer the services on 18/10/16 and so the office move could take place at the same time – members of Council agreed to help with the move.  Quotations for furniture for the Council Chamber and the Clerk’s office were circulated at the meeting and it was


RESOLVED:     To accept the quotations for all furniture.

RESOLVED:     To contact Kirklees to establish a date when all items belonging to the Town Council needed to be removed from the Town Hall.  Council members to assist with the move.



The Clerk provided details of the revised insurance premium to add the several paintings previously housed in the Town Hall to the Council’s insurance and this was noted by all.

Clr Noon advised that Kirklees had informed him that the paintings would be returned to the Town Council within the next couple of weeks and although the Legal Department still had a few questions over ownership, Kirklees would continue to insure them until this could be resolved – this information was noted and welcomed by all.



Further information regarding moving the temporary CCTV was circulated with the agenda.  Members felt that the CCTV had given the desired results and that the anti-social behaviour in the area had quietened down and after further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     To install a temporary CCTV at the Baptist Church on Mean Lane for a period of 12 weeks.  To retain the lighting unit at the Sefton for a further eight weeks and to establish the cost of buying this unit outright.


Clr Noon advised of recent incidents that had been recorded on Twitter and had since been caught on the CCTV by the Police investigating the incidents – it was felt that the CCTV upgrade was a beneficial asset to the village.



The Clerk advised that she had received confirmation that consent was not required to replace a bench in the village centres of Meltham and Helme even though they were both conservation areas but thought should be put to the appearance of the benches chosen.  Details of types and prices of benches were circulated with the agenda and it was


RESOLVED:     To purchase two Classic seats from Realise Futures at a cost of £335 each.



Quotations for Past Town Mayor’s badges were circulated with the agenda and it was


RESOLVED:     To order six past Town Mayors Badges at a cost of £90.66 each.


The awful news that the Town Mayor’s Chain and the Consort’s chain had been stolen in a burglary at the weekend was discussed and it was noted that the Clerk would submit a claim to the insurers.



  • SLCC 2016 Regional Roadshow, Wakefield 02/11/16 – Councillors to let the Clerk know if they are interested in attending.
  • Update on Young People’s Working Group – no progress made – Clr Murgatroyd to contact the schools to advertise the Group.
  • Update on meeting with Clr David Sheard – Clrs Noon, Maxfield and White attended with four other Parish / Town Councils.  The items that were discussed included asset transfers, garden rubbish bins, Save HRI, New Home Bonus, (the Clerk was asked to contact Julie McDowell to obtain the funding criteria for the District Committee).
  • Update following the meeting with Wilshaw Village Hall Committee – Clrs White and Wrathall attended and it was understood that the Committee were awaiting a reply from the Trustees.  Jason McCartney MP was arranging a meeting to bring both parties together.
  • Guidance on Parish / Town Councils raising / capping precept.
  • Christmas Trees – Kirklees were now funding these in full for each Parish / Town Council.
  • Helme Lane Closure – a discussion took place about the recent correspondence received.  Clr Maxfield advised that she had spoken to the site manager to encourage HGVs to avoid Helme Village.  It was also noted that the actual closure would now be for two and a half weeks as opposed to six.
  • Democracy Meeting – 10/10/16 6pm until 7pm at Huddersfield Town Hall – all Councillors encouraged to attend.