Council Meeting - 25 July 2016





Present:           Clr P Maxfield (Chair), Clr N Brook, Clr K Buchanan, Clr J Butterfield, Clr D Haigh,
Clr T Lyons, Clr P Murgatroyd, Clr R Noon, Clr P White and Clr J Wrathall.


PUBLIC SESSION:                 There were seven members of public in attendance.


NOTE:                This meeting was held on Wilshaw Village Hall.



Taken as read.



Apologies were accepted from Clr Bampton and Clr Holroyd-Doveton.



No declarations were made.



As the agenda.


Note.  Due to the members of public present, it was agreed that Agenda Item No.7 Grants, Agenda Item No. 9 Huddersfield Road Speeding and Agenda Item No. 15 Hey Doorstep Green should be brought forward.


16/31     GRANTS

An update of the grant awards for 2016/2017 was circulated with the agenda – the information was noted by all.


Meltham Carlile Support Group

The grant application and associated documents were enclosed with the agenda.   Members discussed the application and reviewed it in light of the revised grant criteria.  Members commented the large expense for the artists attending and it was noted that the cost was for two people – a poet and an artist for several events over the weekend.  It was noted that the organisation was only applying for 50% of total cost as Kirklees were match funding the event and so it was


RESOLVED:     To award £1,920 to Meltham Carlile Support Group towards the costs of the Carlile Institute 125 Anniversary Events between 15 September 2016 to 16 October 2016.



Following on from the comments in the Public Session speeding in general was discussed.  Several members of Council commented that speeding was everywhere and was not confined to Huddersfield Road.  Members were in support of any measures to prevent speeding although some members felt that traffic calming such as speed bumps may not be possible because Huddersfield Road was a main route into and out of the village for emergency vehicles.  Members also discussed the problems by the zebra crossing due to poor visibility when the traffic was queuing.  After further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     To write to Kirklees Highways Department asking that they consider the use of Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs).  To also write to the Police asking that they deploy a video camera speeding van to try and deter speeding in the area.



Members discussed the present state of Hey Doorstep Green and the Clerk gave an update of the situation in that:

-  Meltham Environment Ltd (MEL) had previously looked after the site and the mowing of the area, although carried out by Kirklees, was undertaken as a favour arranged by Neil Windette who was Countryside Manager who worked for Kirklees at the time.  No charges for mowing were made to Meltham Environment.  It was understood that the area had not been mowed by Kirklees for some time.

- Previously Meltham Town Council had indicated that they would be willing to take on the area but did not want the restrictions contained within the lease.  Kirklees had advised that if the Town Council were concerned about restrictions relating to the use of the land then these would not be able to be varied and the land would need to remain as open space for community use and any asset transfer would contain a restrictive covenant restricting the use of the land for community use.  It was noted that the lease was drawn up based on a model for Doorstep Greens that were being funded by the Countryside Agency / Big Lottery Fund.

- MEL had recently surrendered the lease to Kirklees and Kirklees had acknowledged this to the Town Council stating that they were considering whether to accept the surrender.  Some members of the Council felt that Kirklees had no option but to accept the surrender, especially as it was their understanding that MEL had disbanded. 


A discussion then took place over where the Town Council wanted to take on the area when there was no income generated from the site to use towards its upkeep.  Some members felt that a community group would be better placed to take on this role and consideration was given to advertising this.


After further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     The Clerk to contact Kirklees Legal Services Department and The Countryside Agency, (or its successor) to enquire about the process involved in removing the restrictive covenant in the lease relating to community use only.  The Clerk should explain the present situation, state of the area and lack of funds and the possibility of the Town Council taking on the area subject to being allowed to partially develop the site to provide income for the community use part.  The Clerk should also make enquiries with MEL to establish if they have formally disbanded and whether they have any grant information from the Lottery Fund when the grant was made. 


16/34     MINUTES

It was proposed by Clr White and seconded by Clr Brook and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Council meeting held on the 23 May 2016 be approved.       



It was proposed by Clr Noon and seconded by Clr White and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Planning Environmental and General Purposes Committee held on the 6 June 2016 be approved.


It was proposed by Clr Noon and seconded by Clr White and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Planning Environmental and General Purposes Committee held on the 27 June 2016 be approved.


It was proposed by Clr Noon and seconded by Clr White and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Properties, Administration and Finance Committee held on the 13 June 2016 be approved.

It was proposed by Clr Haigh and seconded by Clr Noon and


RESOLVED:  that the Minutes of the Planning Environmental and General Purposes Committee held on the 18 July 2016 be approved.



An e-mail request made by residents of Heather Road requesting support from Meltham Town Council to make the green area by their home a recreational area was circulated to all members of the Council.  Clr Noon and Clr Holroyd-Doveton had responded to the residents via e-mail and copies of their advice were circulated at the meeting.  Clr Lyons advised that he had visited the residents on site and they had agreed that they would form a working group and would be progressing the project.



It was noted that the refurbishment of the Council Chamber and Office was almost complete and members discussed the move from the temporary office and also for items left in the Town Hall.  It was


RESOLVED:     Councillors would meet on 27 July at 11.00am to discuss which items to move and how this would be done.  £1,000 was approved and allocated towards removal expenses.



The Clerk advised that the grant application made to the British Heart Foundation had been approved and the defibrillator and training kit would be delivered soon.  A contribution of £400.00 had been sent to the British Heart Foundation and they would pay the remaining amount towards the defibrillator.  The Clerk advised that the Town Council would still need to purchase the cabinet to house the equipment in.  The Clerk asked for confirmation of the location of the defibrillator and it was agreed that the best place would be by Lloyds Pharmacy.  Clr Maxfield also advised that her daughter would be prepared to present some of the training sessions and then this information could be disseminated to the various groups within the village, i.e. Over 60s, Probus etc with Councillors taking the lead.


RESOLVED:     The Clerk to contact the owners of the property by Lloyds Pharmacy to ask if the defibrillator could be positioned on their wall.  When the training kit arrives, the Clerk to arrange training sessions with the Council, in the first instance.



It was noted that the mobile CCTV system is now in place at the Sefton and the Council discussed ways to ensure that the effectiveness of this system was obtained and monitored.  Clr Noon advised that they had spoken to the PCSO and also a neighbour in the area and

Clr White advised that he would visit the house nearest to the problem to see if the anti-social behaviour had reduced or whether incidents were being reported and tackled by the Police using the CCTV.


It was also noted that another ‘problem area’ has been highlighted and this had been reported to the Neighbourhood Management Group and Kirklees Anti-Social Behaviour Officer.  Members discussed this area and it was


RESOLVED:     To position the mobile CCTV in the new area after the the hire period at the Sefton had ended.  Other alternatives should also be discussed with the CCTV Contractor and a report on incidents should be obtained for the contractor / Police.


It was noted that the Notice Board has been repaired following vandalism caught on CCTV at a cost of £565.00.



Two quotations for the provision of a new website using WordPress were circulated with the agenda.  After discussion it was


RESOLVED:     That Dan Booth should be contracted to supply a new website for the Council – but the number of the pages on the quotation should be reduced.  When a colour mockup of the website was ready this should be circulated to all members of the Council for final sign-off.



A report detailing proposed costs for the replacement of the Council’s laptop and associated software was circulated with the agenda.  Members discussed the quotation and it was


RESOLVED:     To approve expenditure for a new laptop and associated software, including Publisher.



A reply from the church regarding the rent review request for the allotments was circulated with the agenda.


RESOLVED:     Members accepted the explanation given over the rent increase and noted that this would take effect from January 2017.


16/43     CHRISTMAS

Clr Noon advised that Kirklees would not be supplying a Christmas tree for the village centre this year.  He advised that Kirklees were currently going through a procurement process but this would not be finished until the end of July.  At this time, it may be possible to buy a tree from Kirklees and they would erect it as part of the cost.  A discussion took place over whether a tree could be sourced at a much cheaper price but then the problem of erecting would still be to arrange.  After further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     To delegate the decision to the Finance Committee when they meet in September.


Clr Noon provided an update from the Christmas Lights Committee advising that they were hoping to stage a World Record Breaking Challenge for walking across hot coals.  This event would raise publicity and funds for local organisations in the village and also towards some more Christmas lights.  The lights switch-on would take place on 3 December 2016.



It was noted that the Blue Plaque Trail was ready and the launch would be held on

Sunday 18 September 2016 with two guided walks starting at the Carlile Street Carpark at 10.00am and 10.30am.



Clr Noon advised that a buyer had been found for the Post Office and contracts had been exchanged and signed, (25/07/16) and that the new owners would be taking over

on 17 August 2016



Clr Murgatroyd explained that the group would be starting sessions on Friday evenings between 6pm and 8pm starting on 23/09/16 in the Carlile Institute.  Clr Murgatroyd stated that she would be doing school visits and they would be advertising to try and encourage more young people to attend.