Finance Committee Meeting - 12 September 2016





Present:           Clr Haigh (Chair), Clr Brook, Clr Holroyd-Doveton, Clr Lyons, Clr Noon and Clr White.


NOTE.  Due to the failing light, the park inspection started at 6pm in the Robert Ashton Memorial Park. The results of the inspection were discussed at the end of the meeting and are recorded in the minutes.


PUBLIC SESSION:  There were no members of the public present.



Public Notice of the meeting was taken as read.



Apologies were accepted from Clr Murgatroyd and Clr Wrathall.



No declarations were made.



As printed agenda.


16/17     ACCOUNTS

The Schedule of Payments

RESOLVED:     The Schedule of payments for June, July and August 2016 amounting to £8114.74, £25,030.06 and £52,719.00, (including £50,000 transfer) respectively were approved. 


The Budgeting information was circulated with the agenda together with a ‘net worth’ report – this information was noted by all.


Transferring funds and Churches, Charities and Local Authority Investment Funds.

The Clerk advised that the Co-op fixed rate account had matured on 25 August 2016 and the funds had been transferred to the current account.  The clerk provided details of alternative investments / interest rates with the agenda for consideration.  Information from CCLA was also circulated with the agenda.  Members expressed their interest in the documentation from CCLA but felt that more detail was needed before investing in this organisation and after further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     To contact CCLA to see if they were able to attend a Council Meeting to answer questions / give a presentation.  The funds were to remain in the current account until further information was obtained.


Loan to the Carlile CIC

An update of the loan repayments from Meltham Carlile CIC was included with the agenda.  The Clerk advised that there were arrears on the loan.  Clr White and Clr Noon, advised on the cash flow situation which had been hampered by slow receipts of VAT claim-back and that this situation had now been rectified.  An improved payment schedule would be made from now on.  Clr Noon also advised that a further payment had been made recently, (since the update information was produced).  Clr Noon and Clr White advised that a full update on the Carlile CIC would be issued in time for the next Council Meeting. 


16/18     DOG WASTE BAGS

The Clerk provided a report with the agenda detailing:

  • The cost of the bags,
  • The cost of filling up the dispensers – extra work for the caretaker and extra expense for the Council.
  • The bags in the dispensers were being emptied very quickly indeed and asked how often they should be re-filled.  The Clerk also highlighted an incident where Clr Maxfield had approached a couple who were emptying the dispenser of all the bags and when challenged they were not bothered at all.

After further discussion it was


RESOLVED:     that the caretaker should continue to fill-up the dispensers to the top on a monthly basis.  The Council should produce an article for Meltham Mercury highlighting this service and the abuse by some residents.  The situation should be reviewed after six months.


16/19     WATER RATES

The Clerk provided a report with the agenda detailing the increasing water bills for the park toilets.  The report provided details of an investigation by Yorkshire Water stating that there were no apparent leaks but there was a stand pipe at Meltham Hall which used the same water meter and could account for the increased consumption.  The Clerk issued a report which detailed several alternatives including capping off the stand-pipe and installing a separate meter; both of which would require contact with the residents of the Hall.  The Council discussed the issue and after further consideration it was


RESOLVED:     To re-contact Yorkshire Water to investigate the nearest alternative supply and also the cost of a new supply to the toilets. 


A discussion then took place over the fact that the water bill was just for cleaning and flushing the toilets and how cost effective this was.  Members felt that the toilets were well used and they should be kept open but some members thought alternative water sources could be located.


RESOLVED:     To investigate the feasibility of a grey water system.



Members questioned the two ward councilors, (Clr Lyons and Clr Holroyd-Doveton), regarding any changes to Kirklees services in the local area and both advised that there was no new information.  Some members commented on the fact that Kirklees seemed to have reduced the frequency of mowing green areas and this made the place look more untidy.


Clr Holroyd-Doveton raised the on-going concern about Hey Doorstep Green and the overgrown playground.  Clr Noon advised that he had sourced a petrol mower and a van and, along with local residents, would be arranging for work to start on the area very soon.  The Clerk advised that she had received some response regarding the restrictive covenants in the lease for the area and would report back at the next Council Meeting.


Clr Noon advised that he had received information from Kirklees regarding supplying, installing, insuring and removing a Christmas tree, lights for the festive period. 


RESOLVED:     To approve expenditure of £663.00 from the Community Support Fund to fund a Christmas tree for the village.  



RESOLVED:     To approve expenditure of £320.00 for Clr Haigh to attend the above conference and to report back to the Council.



Due to her absence from this meeting, Clr Wrathall had visited the park and produced a report which all members of the Council went through. 

The site visit revealed the following action points:


RESOLVED:     The Pond

Remove orange netting by the planting in the boggy area.

Stain the fence around the boggy area.

Plant more ‘wet type’ of plants in the boggy area such as reeds, irises etc.


The Mercury Statue

Do not replace this on the plinth due to fears of metal theft.


The Flower Beds by the Italian Gardens. 

Remove invasive plants such as holly from the hedges.

Plant up the centre stone trough.

Try and introduce more colour into the beds while being aware of the need to use plants which are less likely to be stolen, (bedding plants and lavender have previously been taken).

More regular clipping of the hedges.


Paving slabs by the tennis courts and toddler area. 

Ensure cracks and loose flags are repaired.


Wooden play area. 

Rake up the bark and order some more. 

Obtain a quotation for replacing the surface with wet pour.

Paint / stain the play equipment.

Repair, replace where necessary and stain wooden fence.


Tennis courts.

Obtain a quotation for a new perimeter fence.



Most in good order with a few who need a reminder.

Contact previous contractor to see if they are able to carry out the work to the wall, (contractor who was engaged has given back-word due to ill health).



In good order – no action required.


Mini football pitches.

Re-locate so grass can grow back in the goal areas.


Clr Noon read out three comments received via Twitter – these were:

  • “Tennis courts required resurfacing”.
    The Councils’ priority for this year was to replace the fencing.
  • “Outdoor gym equipment required.” 
    This had previously been discussed before by the Town Council but was put on hold due to Health & Safety concerns raised by Kirklees.  The Ward Councillors advised that this concern had since dissipated and as such the item would be discussed at the next Council Meeting.
  • Fantastic park – feel lucky to have this on our doorstep.”