Lock all doors and keep all windows (including upstairs ones) closed, preferably locked, when you are out, and keep your keys out of sight.


Try to keep all loose valuables like laptops, cameras and mobile phones out of the sight of anybody looking in.


Give your home the 'lived-in' look by using timer switches on lamps if you are going to be home after dark.


Consider installing alarms and 'dusk to dawn' security lighting - contact your local Crime Prevention Officer for advice.


Secure your rear garden - lock you shed, shut and lock any gates and keep fences maintained. Don't leave ladders and tools outside - they could be used by a burglar.


If your neighbours are away on holiday, you can help to deter burglars and give their home the lived-in look by putting away their emptied rubbish bins.


Don't leave any possessions in your car - even if you know they aren't valuable, they could still tempt a thief to break in.


When de-icing your car, never leave the car unlocked and unattended with the keys in the ignition or with valuables on the back seat.


Remove any Sat Nav device and holder from the vehicle, making sure to wipe any sucker marks off the windscreen. Don't assume removing the Sat Nav is enough - if a thief sees marks they may take a chance that you've hidden it in the glove box or under the seat and break in anyway.


Park in well-lit areas where possible, and if you have a garage, make sure you use it and lock it.


Some thieves will break into a house to get hold of the keys to your car. If you go on holiday, either take your car keys with you or leave them with a friend or relative you trust. When you are at home, keep your car keys away from the letterbox or windows.